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Incorporated in 2022, BikeBackbone is a growing bicycle accessory company based outside of Chicago in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA. We are challenging the industry with our innovative, tool-free, and simplistic bicycle attachment products. Our flagship product, the Backbone, has been around the world, first being made in Guatemala, Colombia, and now China. We’ve selected the best fabricators and suppliers to give you the best product possible. And we back it up with our customer support, 30-day money-back guarantee, and 3-year limited warranty. Read more about our Refund, Return, and Warranty Policy.

How We Got Started

While on an epic minimalistic trip bound for Argentina from the Chicago area our founder, Adam, invented and used the Backbone for the very first time.

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Our Guarantee

Here at, we do our best to give you the best possible product. Yet, maybe you’re not 100% satisfied with it.

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Helping the homeless community.

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Here at BikeBackbone, we have the heart to help the unhoused community. That is why for every Backbone sold we will donate between $0.10 – $0.35 to help those living on the streets. Read more about this program here.*

*The terms and amount of our charitable giving may change without notice. All funds may be personally distributed to individuals through our sponsorship program.

Make a difference.

It starts with a simple product design.

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🍃We selected round tubing which uses less material than shapes with corners, while also being stronger.

🍃We selected materials and hardware from standard on-the-shelf stock that is used in applications across the world, making production crazy efficient.

🍃We selected competent and high-quality suppliers and manufactures so that the end product will last as intended for a very long time.

🍃We selected to use the USPS Medium Flat-Rate Box, which is made from 98% recycled material, before production and designed our product to not exceed its space.

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The first test ride in Guatemala

In Flores, Guatemala the first Backbone was made. Here, the founder and inventor of the Backbone was testing it out for the very first time. Then, 6 months later he arrived in Yaviza, Panama. The place where the Darien Gap begins and roads end. Read more about our founder’s journey on his blog.