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Backbone 8.1

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Engineered with useful detail, the Backbone is adjustable where you need it. So, you shouldn’t need to worry if it will work for you, your bike, or your backpack.


The Backbone is designed to fit universally on bikes. So, instructions are the same for all bikes. Also, no extra tools are even needed!

Downloadable PDF Instructions

Frequently asked questions

Are you a Japanese company?

BikeBackbone is an American company with connections in Japan. Legally registered in the United States under the name Keenville & Company LLC

When will Backbone 8.2 be available?

Backbone 8.2 will be available by April 2022 and will start shipping as soon as possible.

What is the difference between the original Backbone and Backbone 8.1 and Backbone 8.2?

The original Backbone was the first consumer version, inferior to Backbone 8.1 and 8.2. Backbone 8.2 is the latest version of Backbone, slightly longer and easier to navigate.

Does the Backbone fit on all bikes?

The Original Backbone fit’s on all cylindrical seat posts between the diameter of 25.25mm-30.9mm. This range covers most standard bikes. Also, the Backbone requires 3.25 inches of seat post space.

Will the Backbone scratch my seat post?

The Backbone is designed to securely attach to your seat post so it may scratch your seat post. We do not assume responsibility for the damage it may cause.

The Backbone looks tall. Can I easily mount my bike?

Mounting and dismounting your bike with the Backbone attached may require athleticism or flexibility, but you’ll get used to it with practice. You’ll find that the more you lean your bike over the easier it is to mount.

What happens if something breaks?

We are here for you. Contact us below any time or if you’re still in the 36-month warranty period then fill out our Warranty Service Request Form.

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Based out of Valparaiso, IN and legally registred as Keenville & Company LLC. BikeBackbone is a start-up bicycle accessory company. Our fabricating started in Barranquilla and Fundactión, Colombia where our founder, Adam, made several prototypes for personal use. But the latest Backbones are made in China.


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