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Backbone 8.2

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Engineered with useful detail, the Backbone is adjustable where you need it. So, you shouldn’t need to worry if it will work for you, your bike, or your backpack.


The Backbone is designed to fit universally on bikes. So, instructions are the same for all bikes. Also, no extra tools are even needed!

Black-BONE Winch

The Black-BONE Winch increases the Backbones load capacity, stabilizes it, and disperses the stress of its load to the seat post. It’s included with the Backbone 8.2 Pro or the Black-BONE Winch can be bought separately.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you a Japanese company?

BikeBackbone is an American company with connections in Japan. Legally registered in the United States under the name Keenville & Company LLC

Is it dangerous?

The Backbone may not work for everyone. Mounting and dismounting the bicycle with the Backbone attached may be a challenge for some people and bicycles. It is not recommended to use the Backbone in risky scenarios such as fast downhill trail riding where accidents such as falling, tumbling, or crashes are more prevalent.

What is the difference between the original Backbone and Backbone 8.1 and Backbone 8.2?

The original Backbone was the first consumer version, then we put the Backbone 8.1 on the market and finally 8.2. Backbone 8.2 is the latest version of Backbone, slightly longer and easier to navigate.

Does the Backbone fit on all bikes?

The Backbone fits on cylindrical seat posts with a diameter of 22mm-32mm. This range covers most standard bikes. Also, the Backbone requires about 2 inches of exposed seat post space.

Will the Backbone scratch my seat post?

The Backbone is designed to securely attach to your seat post with a rubber insert without scratching your seat post. However, due to irregularities, we do not assume responsibility for the damage it may cause.

The Backbone looks tall. Can I easily mount my bike?

Mounting and dismounting your bike with the Backbone attached may require athleticism or flexibility, but you’ll get used to it with practice. You’ll find that the more you lean your bike over the easier it is to mount. Included with the Backbone are instructions of several methods for mounting your bicycle.

The platform appears to be set as high as possible and I still need it higher. How do I make the platform higher?

If the platform is set as high as possible, keeping in mind that at least 25mm of the Platform tube should be in the Backbone shaft, then first adjust your backpack straps. The straps of the backpack should hover above your shoulders so the straps may be pretty loose. Adjust the straps accordingly while riding to ensure that the Backbone is supporting the backpack and that it’s balanced. You may adjust one backpack strap looser than the other.

What do I do when I adjusted the platform as high as possible and I adjusted my backpack straps to be as loose as possible and my backpack straps are still not hovering above my shoulders?

If the platform is set as high as possible and you backpack straps are as loose as possible and you still need the platform to be higher than you’ll need to raise the Backbone main shaft on your seat post.

When mounting my bicycle, it is hard for me to swing my leg over the Backbone. Is there an easier way to mount the bicycle?

Mounting your bicycle, if it is not a step-through style bicycle, with the Backbone attached may be a challenge for some people depending on your flexibility, height, balance, bicycle height, type of bicycle and other factors. It may even feel awkward swinging your leg so high but we have some tips to make it easier. Firstly, acknowledge that it’s a different and innovative way to cycle and with anything new it takes practice; so, you’ll get better at it in time. One tip is leaning the bicycle as far down as possible while holding onto the handle bars, the lower you lean the bicycle to the ground, as if you’re going to lay it down, the less your leg has to raise up. Another tip is to lower the platform before mounting and then raising it again while mounted. Try both of these tips out and keep practicing.

I have a heavy hiking backpack, will the Backbone work well and support it while bikepacking?

The Backbone was actually first invented for a bikepacker. Our founder traveled from the Chicago area to Panama with his hiking backpack and bicycle. Along the way he invented this product because his 55L hiking backpack weighted him down too much. So, this product is actually great for hiking backpacks! It allows you to have the convivence of using a backpack without feeling all the weight of the backpack. The Backbone is also great for bicycle couriers and commuters.

I have been using panniers to carry my luggage. Why would I start using this?

We know this is a new product so everyone won’t understand it at first. Some may say they have already been using panniers and it’s been working for them. However, using a backpack to carry luggage on a bicycle is more convenient and efficient than panniers. I can hop on and off my bicycle with my stuff already on me. I can go into the store, restaurant, or otherwise leave my bicycle unattended without removing or toying with pannier bags. I can even easily carry my bicycle or mount the train without my pannier bags. For those reasons, we believe everyone should make the switch to the Backbone.

What happens if something breaks?

We are here for you. Contact us below any time or if you’re still in the 36-month warranty period then fill out our Warranty Service Request Form.

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Based out of Valparaiso, IN and legally registred as Keenville & Company LLC. BikeBackbone is a start-up bicycle accessory company. Our fabricating started in Barranquilla and Fundactión, Colombia where our founder, Adam, made several prototypes for personal use. But the latest Backbones are made in China.


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