Backbone-Homeless Sponsorship Program

Helping the homeless community.

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Here at BikeBackbone, we have the heart to help the unhoused community. That is why we set aside a portion of every Backbone sale for our sponsorship program.

What is the Backbone-homeless Sponsorship Program?

Started in January 2023, the Backbone-homeless Sponsorship Program is funded by BikeBackbone and donors to offer personal, one-on-one, and long-term, assistance to people in the homeless community get on their feet, and most importantly, stay there. This program is new but by the end of the 2023 year, we hope to have sponsored at least one homeless person in the Valparaiso, IN area. All those who are sponsored will have the opportunity to be trained and become a BikeBackbone employee.

What does sponsorship mean?

To be sponsored is to be in a sort-of relationship with us, where we will help you get on your feet and, most importantly, stay there. We want to encourage a better life and independence. We will provide you with selective financial assistance and resources. On top of that, we may give you employment opportunities and training.

*The terms and amount of our charitable giving may change without notice. All funds may be personally distributed to individuals through our sponsorship program.