The Original Backbone


The Backbone is a patent-pending product and tested to support a backpack that weighs as much as 45lbs (22kg). So, you don’t need to worry about how much you’re carrying; the Backbone does the heavy lifting. It features a user-friendly and durable design and makes riding with luggage more convenient. A 30-day Money Back Guarantee is applied to all orders and, thereafter, a 36-month limited warranty.

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Add Convenience, Comfort,& Cool to your ride!

The Backbone, For Every Biker and Every Backpack!


An adventurous lady on a bicycle wearing a hiking backpack without weight support

The Backbone, originally designed for “bikepackers”, supported the founder’s 44L hiking backpack on the Pan-American Highway.


A delivery man on a bicycle with an Uber Eats backpack without weight support

Do you deliver things? Fill your bag up with less worry about the weight or distance so you can focus on making more money.

Tested to support 45lbs*

*Tested on high-quality carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel seat posts.

Delivery man riding a bicycle with a supported heavy backpack

Relieve your body

Comparing two delivery men carrying a heavy backpack while cycling, one is in pain without the Backbone product

Easily mount and dismount*

The Backbone on a bike in a parking lot with cars in the background
Cycling with the Backbone and a backpack is better than panniers, pros and cons list
Close-up of the portion where the Backbone mounts to the seat post with easy assembly cam-handles.

A beautiful interlocking fit on a 30.9mm seat post

Compatible with the most common bikes
A small bike seat post and large one showing the range of compatibility of 25.24mm - 30.9mm

Requires 3.25 inches of seat post space

The Backbone attached to the seat post with 3.25 inches needed to mount it

Do your part

and contribute less C02 to our planet.

Take a bike!

Keep Calm and Bike!

The Backbone in Motion (Video)

One product that covers it all! Durable? Yup! User-friendly? You bet! Useful? Well, thank us later 😉. Engineered with useful detail, our patent-pending product is adjustable where you need it. So, you shouldn’t need to worry if it will work for you, your bike, or your backpack.

Reflective decale saying "Backbone" on the backside, at night and during the day

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Enough adjustability to accommodate most two-strapped backpacks, cyclists, and bikes!

A heroically towering Backbone next to a smaller one with a 5.5 inch gap between the two
"Engineered with useful detail" a detailed view of the inside of the vertical bar and thumb knobs, Geometry in the background

The sides and corners of the platform are padded with artificial turf, to protect your back and backpack.

The 4 places that made the Backbone what it is


Parts included with the package. 1/8 inch rubber pad insert and another 1/16 inch, cam handle, 5mm Alan wrench, thumb knob
The unboxing of the Backbone in USPS Prioirty Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
Securely Packaged


Product measurement graphic showing the max height of 17.5 inches and a minimum height of 12 inches and other dimensions



The Backbone is designed to fit universally on bikes. So, instructions are the same for all bikes. Also, no extra tools are even needed!


Like assembly, disassembly is the same for all bikes. Since this bike has a smaller seat post it uses a 1/16″ rubber pad that is provided with every Backbone.

The Backbone is a patent-pending product and tested to support a backpack that weighs as much as 45lbs (22kg). So, you don’t need to worry about how much you’re carrying; the Backbone does the heavy lifting. It features a user-friendly and durable design and makes riding with luggage more convenient. A 30-day Money Back Guarantee is applied to all orders and, thereafter, a 36-month limited warranty.

The Backbone fits most bikes. It attaches to the seat post and is installed without any extra tools nor do you need to remove your seat post. You just need to make sure you have 3.5 inches of extra seat post space for the Backbone to attach and that your seat post is between 25.25mm – 30.9mm (0.994″ – 1.22″). Also, your seat post should be of sufficient quality so it can bear the extra load. The Backbone has been tested on high-quality seat posts made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. 

  • Patent-pending original design. It can be found nowhere else.
  • Engineered with useful features that increase rigidity and durability. For example, not 1 but 2 cam-handles keep the Backbone securely on your bike, while not 1 but 2 thumb knobs make sure the vertical bar stays on the horizontal bar.
  • Designed to be user-friendly. No extra tools are needed. A 5mm Alan key is provided to adjust the angle of the platform. If you want, you may mount the Alan key under the platform with the self-adhesive mounting brackets that are provided.
  • Increase visibility and safety in the dark with the reflective decal 
  • While using the Backbone your backpack should rest squarely on the Backbone platform behind you. Adjust the straps of your backpack so they hover over your shoulders. You’ll notice how much weight the Backbone supports when you dismount your bike.
  • The Backbone is adjustable forward and backward, up and down, and the platform can rotate too, so, it optimally fits you, your backpack, and your bike.


Convenience. Easily hop on and off your bike with your stuff already on you without fidgeting with or carrying clunky pannier bags.

Comfort. Don’t worry about back, butt, or wrist pain; the Backbone helps you with the weight.

Safeguard. Leaving your bike unattended? Don’t leave your luggage behind too! With the Backbone set-up, your luggage by default goes where you go.

Time saver. No extra time or effort is needed to dismount your luggage; it’s already on you!

Level-up. With the Backbone, your luggage is centered behind you so you can bike faster and further with less wind resistance.

Simplicity. One great product that works with every backpack and most bikes.

Easy Set-up. Mount the Backbone easily on your seat post and position the platform wherever you want.

Durability. Rugged but sleek, the Backbone is designed to last for years to come.

Heavy-load Capacity. The Backbone can support as much as 45lbs!

Lifetime Support. Our products come with a lifetime of support. Need help with anything? Let us know

36-month limited warranty. Buy with confidence. Learn more.

Colombia. Support the employment of people in an impoverished nation.

‘Merica. All our products are designed, assembled, and packaged in the USA

Buy with confidence

  • Lifetime Support. Visit our Support page or email us at
  • 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee
  • A 36-month warranty on the functionality of the product. If your Backbone stops working and it’s our fault then send it back and we will repair or replace it. You just pay for the return shipping. Please note that cosmetic issues are not covered under our Refund, Return, and Warranty Policy.

Learn more about our Refund, Return, and Warranty Policy.

  • Frame Material: steel
  • Color: powder-coated matte black with outdoor acrylic paint touch-ups
  • Platform Color: green turf
  • Decal: 3M outdoor reflective vinyl  

Horizontal Dimensions: 14.25″
Minimum Vertical Dimension: 12″
Maximum Vertical Dimension: 17.5″
Weight: 3.4lbs

Ready to be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Designed/ Assembled in USA
USPS Prioirty Shipping

*The Backbone is designed to work on any standard two-strapped backpack that is carried on the back of the rider. The Backbone can mount on any cylindrical seat post that is between 25.25mm-30.9mm (0.994″-1.22″), rubber inserts (1/16″ & 1/8″) are included to securely mount to smaller-diameter seat posts. To be mounted, a 3.25″space on your seat post is needed. Please note that above-average athleticism and/or flexibility may be needed to swing your leg over the Backbone when mounting or dismounting from your bike if your bike frame is not the “step through” type. Use at your own risk. nor any of its affiliates are liable for injury or damage from our products.

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Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 4 in

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